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This article will not only open your eyes on the lucrative job opportunity you have in the private security industry, it will also give you a lead way on how to grow from being a security guard to a higher position in a security company. Even if you were never in the military. In about a month, for only $200. You could start a career in security. However, we do NOT help you find jobs. We only train and prepare you for what employers want.
Before the advent of the modern-day police, the private security sector has been helping maintain law and order in the United States. Sampson Protection Agency is one of such private security companies.
Sampson Protection Agency is partnered with Security Academy of New York to offer training for intending security guards, and people who want to pursue a career in the security sector. In this program, Samson Protection Agency will be offering courses such as Fire Guard Training, 8-Hour Pre-Assignment, Osha 10 Hour, 8 Hour Annual, 16 Hour, First Aid/ CPR/AED, Self Defense, Homeland Security, Loss Prevention, Active Shooter, etc. These courses are designed to give you all the training and skills you need to excel as a security operative.
If you seek to gain employment in government security agencies such as Homeland Security, or in the private security sector, getting a security license will be very beneficial to you. Also, if you are already a security professional, and you want to advance to the next level, getting more training in security and Fire Guards improves your chances of getting to the peak of your career. The program has some elective courses which relate to diverse fields, and thus prepares students for employment in the government and private sectors.
Obtaining your security certifications from a reputable school such as Security Academy of New York. Will make you a sellable material. Employers of PSCs and PMCs always look out to employ applicants who have good military or law enforcement backgrounds. But your security certifications thus make you a better candidate for the PMC or PSC job than others who do not have such backgrounds.
Getting a good position in the security industry does not follow a one-waytraffic. You can combine experiences from law enforcement, higher education, and other professional fields to boost your chances. Employers always look forward to hiring mostly staffs with experience in the relevant field. Because of this, it is important that you study a discipline that will give you the required work experience. For instance, here at Samson Protection Agency, students are given training in Fire Guards and Homeland Security, which gives them the required experience; and they are encouraged to get any other licenses to give to their future employers. People with licenses stand a better chance than those with no related experience.
The most successful people in the field of security are those with military and law enforcement backgrounds. Due to years of experience, formal education and related positions they must have held in the past, law enforcement and military professionals stand a better chance of transiting smoothly. However, law enforcement professionals are trained to prevent crimes, and not necessarily loss; hence their experiences are channeled more towards preventing an individual from committing a crime than protecting lives and properties. In crime prevention, the goal is to apprehend and prosecute offenders; therefore, for one to transit successfully, one must be willing to shift focus from one’s training and focus on achieving the goals of the security profession. Your valid national security clearance gives you a higher opportunity to get employment in private security firms. Actually, some firms are always on the lookout to hire profession security operatives who have a valid national security clearance.
It requires much commitment and dedication for one to progress from being a mere security guard to holding a high-ranking position. This however will be facilitated by excellent performance, passion, drive and a combination of both formal and informal education. Obtaining professional security expertise certificates from us here at Samson Protection Agency can also be an added advantage.
It is however important to note that enrolling for these classes does not guarantee that you will be hired by Samson Protection Agency; but if you have a clean record, and you have the passion for protecting lives and properties, there are many security guard jobs waiting for you out there, and a lucrative career you would not want to miss. Call to book your spot in our next class.